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Our vision is to see the world impacted by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes! F.C.A. is a bridge to the local church. We partner with churches to find the student-athletes, teachers and coaches that want to fulfill the great commission on campuses. Once we launch F.C.A. as an on-campus club, we're able to bring all those we've partnered with on campus with us. We've created a way to directly bring the CHURCH to the mission fields! 

F.C.A. runs Huddles on campuses. What is a Huddle? A monthly event that features FREE food, prizes, and a dynamic speaker who's usually a current or former professional athlete. After the food, ice breaker, and guest speaker are done, we do an invitation to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We then funnel kids to local churches that are close to campus, expecting them to baptize and disciple these NEW believers. 

Our goal in 2016 was to launch F.C.A. at 8 high schools, but we were able to launch at 16 campuses! God has been opening up doors left and right. As of today, F.C.A. is on 42 campuses with another 10 schools on the waiting list.   

Students involved in F.C.A. don't just do events, they serve their campus and community. You can find "FCA'ers" out feeding the homeless, supporting their classmates at games, and praying for their teammates, teachers, and coaches.   

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