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New Student Leaders

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes Leadership Transition

Officer Roles: Captain, Co-Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Promotions

Officer Qualifications: Interested student-athletes need to be an active member of a school or community sport, a follower of JESUS CHRIST, actively serving in a Bible-based Church (small group, choir, children’s church, usher, youth group, etc.), and be a positive team player.

Leadership Teams: Huddle Team, Serve Team, Promotions Team

Leadership Team Qualifications: Interested students need to be team-oriented with great attitudes, have a desire to positively impact their campus, and have a love for sports.

Officer & Team Terms: April 2017 – April 2018

Monthly Time Commitment (Min: 2 ½ hours, Max: 7 hours):

  • 1-2 45-minute leader gatherings when school is in session
  • 1-2 30-minute Huddles/events when school is in session
  • 1-2 60-minute “Dig Deeper” sessions (fellowship, service project, fundraiser)
  • 3-5 120-minute Summer gatherings, trainings, or events
  • 2 All-Area FCA Trainings (times will vary)
  • PRAY for your Huddle, school, teachers, coaches, teammates & classmates

All returning Officer or Team Member applicants: Click HERE

All NEW Officer or Team Member applicants (form is just below)

Leadership Transition Process (days & times will vary depending on school)

  • Use all media outlets to let students know you’re accepting Leadership Apps.
  • Students submit Leadership Applications
  • Current Officers, Advisors & FCA Staff review & appoint Leaders based on the Student Leadership Application entries received
  • Newly elected leaders are announced via social media & at the upcoming Huddle
  • Newly elected Leaders run the next Huddle with assistance from former Leaders
  • The last Huddle of the school year will feature a former Officer's testimony
  • Huddles CAN’T begin in the Fall until after Leadership has completed this vital training!!! Click HERE for MANDATORY Regional FCA Leadership Training!!!

FCA Leadership Officer Roles & Team Member Positions

TEAMWORK!!! Entire leadership TEAM works together with a Romans 12 mindset. All decisions are made as a team. Role descriptions are for order & clarity. Nobody is “in charge.” FCA Staff MUST oversee & approve of leadership team. Get ALL of your churches & Youth Pastors involved! Partnering with the Church is a major key to your success!!!

Captain – Leads the Club & supports Club leaders. Coordinates with Co-Captain to make sure all paperwork is turned in, helps plan & run meetings, secure speakers & lead Huddles. Communicates directly with school administration, coaches, churches, adult volunteers & Huddle sponsors. Must be comfortable being out front leading, speaking publicly & praying. Helps Promotions w/ Remind. Reports to FCA rep at least once a month. A True TEAM player!

Co-Captain – Is fully capable of doing everything the Captain does. Supports the Captain & the Club. Makes sure decisions are made collectively. If a deciding vote is needed, Captain & Co-Captain pray before making the final decision together. Has good oversight & discernment. Oversees SERVE TEAM.

Secretary – Takes meeting notes & distributes to leadership team along with action items. Supports administratively & helps keeps things in order. Helps Captain oversee Huddle TEAM.

Treasurer – Oversees the financial matters of the Club. Actively seeks ways to generate more revenue for Club through partnerships, fundraisers, etc. Collaborates with Captains.

Promotions Coordinator – Oversees all marketing (IG, Remind, flyers, posters, school announcements). Has access to Photoshop, etc. for design/promo. Oversees Promo TEAM.


Promo TEAM – Gathers content for IG & Remind, creates posters, & puts in school announcements. This TEAM thinks of creative ways to bring awareness to Club & events.

Huddle TEAM – Uses the Huddle Checklist & Huddle Template to ensure Huddle is impactful & efficient. Makes sure people are welcomed as they walk in, hands out & collects docs/info, makes announcements during Huddles, decides who prays, speaks, etc.

Serve TEAM – Finds ways to help out classmates & teammates & serve the campus. Asks Principals, teachers, & custodians what can be done. Looks for on & off-campus opportunities to serve (ex: feed the homeless, Break Free Run, Food Bank, etc.) & build relationships.


Campus Advisor(s) – Any teacher, coach, staff, or administrator that has filled out an MLA & has been approved to serve as an FCA representative.

Off-Campus Advisor(s) – Any parent, pastor, or volunteer that has filled out an MLA & has been approved to serve as an FCA representative.

*FCA Staff: Area or Multi-Area Directors have authority to make leadership changes as needed.

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